People often wonder which renovations will get them the biggest bang for their buck.

While updating the bathrooms and the kitchen certainly add the most value to your

home, painting also helps to dramatically increase the value.


Painting your home is a powerful and relatively inexpensive method for attracting

homebuyers. Additionally, it will help your listing pictures look fantastic. Having a

high-quality paint job is essential to any room, and repainting is a great way to

increase the overall value of your home at minimal cost.

You want to be sure that the walls are prepped correctly in order to prevent the paint

from flaking off or otherwise streaking. Properly prepped walls will make all the

difference when it comes to the final appearance.

It is best to choose a neutral pallet, such as a light taupe, a light grey, or “greige” (a

color between grey and beige). A crisp linen white is also a good choice because it

reflects light and makes the room seem larger. These colors tend to add around

$3,500 to the sale price!

While choosing the right colors to use, you’ll want to avoid the wrong ones,

specifically anything that is too dark or flashy. Instead, by working with natural colors,

it creates a more spacious area, making the home feel larger and also providing a

blank canvas for prospective buyers to envision both themselves and their furniture

in it.


For better or worse, the kitchen in particular will establish a strong first impression on

homebuyers. A remodeled kitchen can typically yield over an 80% return on the cost!

Knocking down a wall in order to build a more open space can create a wonderful

flow between the kitchen and the dining room. While islands are nice, it could be

nicer to remove the island to give the kitchen a more open feel.

If you don’t want to do a major kitchen renovation, you can still replace the cabinet

doors, hardware and drawer fronts. Giving the space an open and functional new

look is sure to impress homebuyers!

Colors to use – • Light blue • Soft gray blues

Colors to avoid – • Yellow

You may also wish to consider updating your appliances. While this may seem like

an expensive option, the end result will be greatly beneficial to the lasting impression

your home makes.


You don’t have to totally gut your bathroom to add more value. You can expect

around a 70% return on your investment with a properly renovated bathroom!

A bright and well-lit bathroom often looks cleaner and also feels more spacious,

which are two qualities that can be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential

buyer decides that your house is going to be their new home.

Your top priorities should be to consider changing out the vanities and countertops,

replacing old hardware, applying fresh caulk, replacing the current flooring and

changing the light fixtures.

Colors to use – • Powder blue • Oatmeal • Periwinkle

Colors to avoid – • Off-white • Eggshell White

In the end, you don’t have to break the bank with pricey renovations to prepare your

home for sale. A fresh paint job, some new appliances and new hardware can all

add value and style and attract homebuyers.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, now or in the near future, give me a call!